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Monday, July 07, 2008

Lists of northernmost and southernmost things on earth.

By the way, what's with the brightly colored houses in greenland? It's like that in svalbard, too. Is it the same reason people like colorful scarves and winterhats (that is, because bright colors make you feel warmer)?


Brion said...

I'm guessing so you can find your house in the snow... *brrrr*

llywrch said...

Aren't bright colors supposed to help people cope with seasonal affect depression?

BTW, I had a look at the image of the Greenland village, I didn't think the colors were that bright; Ben's question, led me to expect something akin to the bright pastels popularized by Miami Vice.


Ben Yates said...

They don't look all that bright unless you zoom the image -- the sun's at a super-oblique angle (plus, the high foundations are all unpainted cement).