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Friday, June 06, 2008

We wrote the book on Wikipedia

How Wikipedia Works is being published in August! My co-authors are:

And me? I'm a technical writer & demagogue and also good with Illustrator.

Phoebe has a better understanding of wikipedia's nuts and bolts than anyone, Charles has knowledge of the broad forces inside and outside the project, and I have the ability to work Acoustic Kitty into any screenshot. Between us, we've been with Wikipedia for 47 years and made over five hundred million edits.

I'll be posting information all summer.

But if you pre-order it, you will not only be
  1. receiving an utterly awesome and informative book in the mail — a physical book that you can
    • hold in your two hands,
    • take away from the monitor,
    • read in the bath,
    • tuck into your backpack to impress cute foreign exchange students, but! you will also!...
  2. be supporting Wikipedia Blog, and
  3. making me less broke.
Basically, I'm saying you should buy the book or I will shoot this puppy:



P.S. I won't actually shoot the puppy.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Britannica will not go gentle into that good night. I'm not optimistic about their future — they're modernizing about 5 years too late — but old institutions die hard.

We'll see what happens. I still think Britannica needs to give the public a bigger window into their process and their theories of encyclopedia-building. They are the world's greatest experts at summarizing and encapsulating large bodies of knowledge — sketching Mt. Fuji with one or two penstrokes.

See also. Why are so many monasteries built on cliffs?