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Friday, August 31, 2007

Wikirage lists the Wikipedia articles with the most edits per unique editor over various periods of time.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

The colonization of Venus, Earth's nearest planetary neighbour, has been a subject of much speculation and many works of science fiction since before and after the dawn of spaceflight. With the discovery of Venus' hostile surface environment, attention has largely shifted towards the colonization of the Moon and the colonization of Mars. Recently, however, papers have surfaced on the feasibility of colonizing Venus beginning from the less hostile cloud-tops, making surface exploration in the beginning unnecessary.

Landis has proposed aerostat habitats followed by floating cities, based on the concept that breathable air (21:79 Oxygen-Nitrogen mixture) is a lifting gas in the dense Venusian atmosphere, with about half the lifting power that helium has on Earth. This would allow breathable air domes to lift a colony in addition to their own weight. Alternatively two-part domes could contain a lifting gas like hydrogen or helium (extractable from the atmosphere) to allow a higher mass density.

Every time a Wikipedia article is deleted, a kitten dies

Wikipedia is the ultimate social network. One's contributions to the encyclopedia convey a full spectrum of interests, goals, desires, and level of honesty (or lack thereof). Minor details speak volumes; they are more revealing than a gallery of photographs, more meaningful than your favorite color, more intimate than dirty socks.


What really delineates our ability to meaningfully communicate and form social bonds? Common interests in art, music, and books all play a role, as do cultural similarities. They are limited in scope, only defining the surface of our interactions. Tilting the rudders of our interpersonal discourse, though, are the most minor, infinitesimal details -- an order of magnitude more prescient than your race or political affiliation.

I don't know about all that -- but the main idea is that wikipedia really should be the center of something much bigger. (A good start would be a page where people can discuss the topic itself, not just its article.)

This is why, every time someone deletes an article because it's not notable, it feels like somehow, somewhere, there was a great disturbance in the force, like a kitten was put through the blender. Information can be moved, damnit. It should be flowing outward from wikipedia to somewhere else (somewhere more everything2-ish*).

Do you hear this, WP deletionists? It's the general public. They don't like it when their hard work is painted over with white-out. (Or sealed up in an unadvertised lockbox, which amounts to the same thing.) Use the annex.

* Print this one out and read it. Some of the most beautiful stuff I've ever encountered is on e2.