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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hello Wiki

I came up with this while working on merchandise for the store -- it's a parody of Hello Kitty, obviously, and technically fair use but way too risky to sell (I thought it was funny enough to post here as a Private Citizen, thought).

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What will Wikipedia be like in 5 years? Great blog post.

I'm pretty sure all this stuff will come true -- if it doesn't happen on the main site, it'll happen via greasemonkey-style mashups. Interesting digression:

In general, scientists (especially in the "harder" fields) and mathematicians have shown a great deal more enthusiasm than humanists, with social scientists somewhere between. (I find this ironic, because humanities fields have so much more to gain from an integrated and cross-linked ecology of knowledge; despite constant flux and discipline genesis at the borders and the current rhetorical vogue of "interdisciplinary" research, science topics are relatively self-contained compared to humanities topics.)

Rumors of Wikimedia's Death Greatly Exaggerated

Did I mention that I like Wikiworld? It's exactly like this blog, only a comic.