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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blog post that frames wikipedia's success interestingly, touches on social science and the future of web browsing, with some wiki business analysis in between.

David Hahn (born October 1976) attempted to build a nuclear breeder reactor in 1994 in his backyard shed in Clinton Township, Michigan, at the age of 17.

Wiki gangsign

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wikipedia is highly trusted in Japan. It's not clear whether the respondents were thinking of the English or Japanese wikipedias, or both. Maybe the Japanese version has fewer mistakes than others because of cultural factors; I'd be interested to see similar surveys in other countries.

(Thanks to Ken for the link.)

"One of the main difficulties of the San Francisco burrito is the issue of structural integrity...During this time, some elements of the San Francisco burrito experience became politicized...These comments likely reflect a larger anxiety among San Francisco burrito fans of all ethnicities that economic and cultural changes in the Mission could destroy the soul not only of the neighborhood but of the burrito."

Absurdly large apartment building.

If you want to stow away on a train, Freighthopping offers the following advice: "while railroads have shifted away from boxcars as a means of transport, there are still many places to ride, such as gondolas, grainers, and unoccupied engines at the front or rear of the train."

Human mail is the transportation of a person through the postal system, usually as a stowaway.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The meaning of life (not to be confused with The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything)

Examples of hyperreality

  • a sports drink of a flavour that doesn't exist ("wild ice zest berry")
  • a plastic Christmas tree that looks better than a real Christmas tree ever could
  • a magazine photo of a model that has been touched up with a computer
  • a well manicured garden (nature as hyperreal)
  • Disney World, Las Vegas and Dubai (the first e.g. discussed by Boje, 1995)
  • pornography ("sexier than sex itself")
  • entertainment news programming and supermarket tabloids

The short, strange story of Burned Fur.