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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wikipedia Blog goes pro!

I'm getting paid to blog! (No, seriously.)

Wikipedia blog itself won't change at all, except that now it's about SEO! Just kidding.

The one thing that will change is the address, which will be (You can go there now, but it's full of scaffolding and drywall and I'm not sure the toilet works.)

I'm really excited, and not quite sure what to say, so I recorded a video.

The details

Okay. A Seattle company called enotes is hiring a bunch of bloggers to fill out their content. I got an email a couple weeks ago from their development director, Alex Bloomingdale, we hashed out the details, and lo (insert here however many exclamation points you want) : paid blogging.

I get to keep creative control. Enotes' take is that they don't want to kill the goose (and Alex was talking about spreading knowledge as a public service).

But first: thank you to anyone who has ever read this. And especially to phoebe for bringing me onto her book, and Noam Cohen for listening to me rant.

(And to Geoff, who writes great comments, and blogs at Original Research.)

And also, everything on the blog -- all past posts, too -- is now licensed cc attribution 3, which means you can do whatever you want with it.

We're still setting up the new interface, so I'll cross-post to both places for the next few days, but early next week I'll throw the switch, wikip.blogspot will go dark (inactive), and will go live.

Man, this is a disorganized little post. As I said, I'm excited.

There are soooo many possibilities. I'm not getting full-time pay, but I am getting now-I-have-an-excuse-to-follow-through-on-all-these-projects pay. Potential directions:

  • Finding ways to spread information beyond the concentric circles of super-informed insiders that define wikipedia.
  • Posting on a schedule -- video tutorials each friday, or interviews on monday.
  • Splitting out the wikisnips into a sideblog.
  • Doing cool visualizations, writing software ineptly, and carrying the inclusionist banner.
But! I really want to keep the spirit of the blog intact. At the risk of taking myself too seriously, I think of blogging as a little like running a cafe -- an exciting, comfortable cocoon with its own character. This is where we move down the street.


llywrch said...

Well, belated congratulations. You've earned this, Ben: your wikisnips have always been entertaining.

And thanks for the plug. :)


Ben Yates said...

No problem. :)

the wub said...

Hey, congratulations! Yours has always been one of my favourite Wikipedia blogs, being both insightful and entertaining. You thoroughly deserve some reward.

seth said...

congratulations. i just heard about it yesterday. well-deserved, i'd say.

Ben Yates said...

Thanks, guys.

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