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Friday, March 21, 2008

Wikirandom is a website that (naturally) grabs random wikipedia articles. The obvious question is so what?

I'll tell you what: interface. It's all ajaxy and cool, and it even lets you embed a random-wiki-article-getting widget in an external site. That looks like this:

Some random Wikipedia articles:

More randomness on Wikirandom - The Random Encyclopedia

(Edit: hm. That doesn't work, does it? Blogger strips line breaks; it might be that.)


peterpoe said...

Thanks for the mention!

It seems that the code has been stuffed with <br>s... Try removing all line breaks, or, if available, switching to a source code view.

Ben Yates said...

Bah; no luck.

ModernMetrix Blog said...

Who uses Wikipedia anyway? ModernMetrix has demographic and psychographic profiles of Wikipedia users:

Ben Yates said...

Where did you get the data?