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Friday, January 04, 2008

Warning: not Wikipedia related.

My band (the Afternoon Round) is playing our first show tomorrow night -- which is to say, 7 p.m. saturday at the BLUEStage Club. If you're near Jackson michigan, you should come see us; we're pretty fucking good. Alt-country/rock. All original material.


llywrch said...

You mean you're following in the steps of "Lone Justice"? Good luck, & have fun!


Ben Yates said...

Lol, thanks. (It was pretty awesome. I've never played a rock show before; the audience is really into it.)

Milos Rancic said...

I left this post to send to you an email, but I am always forgetting to do that. So, to to ask you here...

Do you have some free music? If so, send to me (via email) links and/or files :)

I really enjoy in listening music made by people with whom I am working on some project.

For example, I managed to make officially free one album made by a group of my friends (as well as I like their music). (BTW, the most important part in their music are texts which are in Serbian.)