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Friday, January 18, 2008

(If you can't see the poll above -- or even if you can, and you just want to look at spiffy results map -- then follow this link.)


GerardM said...

You are syndicated.. posting without a text is bleeming unattractive.

Ben Yates said...

Right, that's why I always include text that links to any embedded content -- in this case, you can vote by following the link and clicking the green tab in the upper-right corner of the map, without ever needing to visit the blogspot page directly.

llywrch said...

Wow, I didn't think I was a pollyanna, but despite everything I believe Wikipedia will be around in 12 years, barring some nasty development like DRM being successfully forced down everyone's throats & one cannot as much as mention "Mickey Mouse" in North America or Europe without being slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit.

It all depends on how one defines "Wikipedia", of course. Even if the English Wikipedia is torn apart in an apocalyptic war when the "free culture" radicals gain power, push through a politically-correct edict from the Foundation that unfree culture or technology will no longer be included in Wikipedia, and reduce Wikipedia to a joke as they devote more resources and time dealing with a guerrilla war led by members of the Pokemon Wikiproject, I believe it will survive because the most important parts of the content are free, and the project can be forked.

Of course, this ignores the existence of Wiki projects outside of the English Wikipedia. I would expect most of them would have forked from under the umbrella of the Foundation log before that bizarre apocalypse came to pass.