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Thursday, September 20, 2007

On September 17th, Jimmy Wales starts an article about a famous restaurant.

2 hours later, somebody tags the article -- not for deletion, but for speedy deletion, calling it spam.

The next revision removed the tag, and the current article looks good, but jesus. Speedy deletion is the quick guillotine intended for articles on which there can be no debate, articles that are unambiguously junk. If this is the type of treatment Jimmy Wales gets...

Addendum: it's healthy for wales not to be treated like a monarch. But he does get cut more slack than regular users.
Addendum 2: It looks like the story's more complex. Geoffrey Burling has the details.


Dan said...

I've long felt that Jimbo ought to try going into Wikipedia under a different username, which nobody knows is him, and doing things he thinks are the right thing to do but might be somewhat controversial in today's Wikipedia atmosphere... and see where that gets him. That could be an eye-opener. But it seems like he's actually able to get such a reaction under is real name!

llywrch said...

Uh, I prefer to be called Geoff. The only people who call me "Geoffrey" are salesmen and my wife when she's mad at me.

And no, I won't threaten to call you "Cap'n Tlogmer" again if you don't. :-)


Ben Yates said...