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Sunday, September 09, 2007

2 millionth wikipedia article

Apparently, it's El Hormiguero

The mailing list says:

Apparently, the 2,000,000th article in en-wp is El Hormiguero, on a Spanish comedy and science TV show. (This is not yet officially confirmed by WMF, and seems to be under a bit of bickering.)

We should get them to do a skit about Wikipedia for one of their shows, and then release it under a free license permitting reuse and derivative works... then we can set up a kiosk with a television monitor playing that show in a continuous loop (with English subtitles) along with other Wikipedia/Wikimedia stuff (like a speech by Jimbo), and put it in the Jordanhill railway station, thus combining the 1,000,000th and 2,000,000th topics in a place that Wikipedians can make pilgrimages to.


Milos Rancic said...

BTW, the article was speedy deleted in February 2007 :)

Dan said...

I'm the one who posted that to the list, but I'm not an official WMF spokesperson, so what I say certainly isn't official. Some of the discussion elsewhere seems to be implying that the stats by which that article was judged the 2,000,000th were flawed, and other articles have been proposed as the "real" one (though I like this one better, especially since it's a show that does comedy skits and songs based on current events, so if we publicized their status as the milestone article they might reciprocate by doing a Wikipedia skit on their show).

Ben Yates said...

Ah, collusion for commercial gain. I'm sure Brandt and Finkelstein will have something to say about that. :P