Photo: Flickr user lifeontheedge

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm trying my hand at a wikipedia videoblog.

(Or here , if it doesn't show in the feed.)


John Schmidt said...

Can you provide a description of the software used for your video?

Brianna said...

Cool idea, and cool topic.

The voice is a little soft compared to the background music though... and towards the end you spoke a little fast. :) where are the background image/s from?

Ben Yates said...

Images are from Wikipedia, duh. :P

John -- it was all built-in apple stuff: iMovie, etc.

(Oh, except the music, which I made in Reason.)

j3 said...

i saw you mentioned on another site that there was a beatles sample used in dj signify's "meditations" from the earlier anticon stuff. what did he sample from the beatles? i've been trying to nail that sample for ages (if its the sample from the break where the beat drops out). holla at me at