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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This is not exactly Wikipedia-related, but a zillion people are talking about a plainclothes political protest (formal attire only) and I've started a wiki to organize it. I could use some help making sure there's no vandalism or anything while it finds its legs.


Sage said...

Wouldn't it be better to organize something like this on They'll be able to handle the traffic, which is kind of necessary for a zillion-person protest.

Ben Yates said...

Er. Yeah. I realized that after bluwiki went down immediately. I chose bluwiki sort of selfishly, because I wanted to get it up before anyone else did in order to influence the tenor of the wiki.

Ben Yates said...

Alright, I've duplicated the whole thing on Wikia Politics. It works pretty well as an editorial, too, so that should be fine; if not, they'll find a good home for it. Argh. It's just a little frustrating; I had the reddit dynamics totally down. The thing was climbing the exponential curve until bluwiki crapped out. (Not that I shouldn't have known better.)