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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Awhile back, I wanted to make a digg-style collaborative filter for wikipedia articles. Still haven't done it. But Thoof is basically the inverse of that idea: it's a generalized digg clone with that's also (sort of) a wiki.

Here's the screencast. There are lots of smart features, but so much friction built into the process that I don't think it'll ever take off the wiki aspect is a little cumbersome. You can submit anonymously, though, which makes the process easier. (Bonus: saying the name of the site out loud makes you sound developmentally disabled.)


sanity said...

Can you be more specific about where you see friction in the site? It seems less cumbersome than sites like Digg, for example, you don't need to sign in if you don't want to.

Ben Yates said...

Huh -- I didn't realize you could submit anonymously. Edited the post.