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Friday, May 04, 2007

Wikitravel seems to be coming into its own. It just won a webby award and it's developing cool articles like Hitchhiking in Japan.


Anonymous said...

The intelligent article on wikipedia is a mess. It is created by mainly atheists and anti-theists. One editor orangemarlin is a megalomaniac who thinks he owns the article. He is an embarrassment. They should get rid of him

Ben Yates said...

I think you mean the Intelligent Design article? It doesn't seem too bad to me, but I'm not that involved in the topic.

Ben Yates said...

Also, you have to do pretty egregious stuff (commercial spamming, etc.) to be banned from wikipedia outright -- it's analogous to excommunication or something. An editor's influence can be undercut in other ways, though.

They should get rid of him

There's no "they", per se -- Wikipedia has a system of authority, but very flat, hierarchically speaking, and mostly organic -- more like the popularity scale in a high school cafeteria than the chain of command in the military (though not very much like either). You can become a part of Wikipedia very easily -- just sit down at the cafeteria table, as it were. It's a little like a public park: the "members" are whoever happens to be there. And maybe there are a few forest rangers or something.

(Alright, enough metaphors. Time for bed.)

Evan Prodromou said...

We actually don't have an Intelligent Design article on Wikitravel. Wikitravel and Wikipedia are only loosely related.

Ben Yates said...

I think Anonymous was just using this post as a place to air his grievance.

(Hey, it's Evan Prodromou! I'm going to pretend he reads Wikipedia Blog every day and didn't just see "Wikitravel" in a keyword tracker. :P )