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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wikivid is mediawiki-based video-sharing thingy. A lot of good instructional videos about software (Flash, Illustrator, RoR, Logic, Maya, etc.), but the editing interface is clumsy. The just-the-facts approach makes seem like the creators wanted to make something "like wikipedia, but with video!" but that won't happen until you can actually edit the videos collaboratively online (I give it 5 years).


Anonymous said...

Cool post.

How would you suggest cleaning up the interface to better adapt to video?

It sounds like video uploads are soon to be coming, all it would take for your collaborative video editing vision to come true would be grabbing some technology similar to Yahoo's jumpcut. It will be interesting to watch these guys.

Ben Yates said...

Huh. I always do seem to predict the present whenever I try to predict the future.

Ben Yates said...

As far as the interface -- basically, you'd have to start from scratch. The default Mediawiki template is designed for text. But I guess the two easiest-to-define flaw is that the editing pane is confusing.