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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wikimedia WYSIWYG interface by August 4th? (Update: nope. But it's coming.)

Apparently, Wikia (Wales's wiki company) is throwing a lot of money at getting a WYSIWYG interface into mediawiki, and they want to unveil a demo at the beginning of August, at Wikimania.

The "sort of" is tacked on because (1) it's just a demo and (2) I'm taking Ender's word.

(Just FYI: I'll be at Wikimania, which will be awesome. I have enough frequent flier miles accumulated from bi-annual childhood trips to my grandparents' in Melbourne to land a free ticket to Boston. I'll be blogging. Also, I designed the Wikimania logo. If you like it, tell Wikimania to get around to putting it in the bloody corner.)

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