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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Motherfuckers were never part of the Situationist International.


AMYKELLS said...

Whenever I come across these Wikipedia pussies who just love to report people for "Vandalism" I can't help but think these faggots are the paid flunkies of world renowned assholes: the pedophile looking cocksucker Karl 'corrupt motherfucker' Rove, 'I still don't know HOW in the world I was able to fool these stupid flag wavin' middle American HICKS in the 'red' states' Bush, fat ass heart attack prone Cheney (have another heart attack FATBODY), and the lying , corrupt, world renowned asshole Rumsfeld Fuck these corrupt assholes. They have collectively managed to RUIN our reputation in the world. These sorry excuses for AMERICAN MEN are laughed at by the PLANET. NICE JOB ASSHOLES. FUCK YOURSELVES !!!!

AMYKELLS said...

Also, I just love this cocksucker who calls herself MALO. Fucking Bush lobing PUSSY. Look out motherfucker - we haven't even started with your sorry ass yet. Sleep well SWEETIE.