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Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's wikipedia week at PBS's Mediashift.


blissyu2 said...

Try this link:

The best one of these is the George W Bush one.

The "roundup" was a bit misleading but still left room for some decent comments:

The e-mail conversation with Jimbo and a critic was chilling, albeit a little difficult to read:

Talking about danah boyd and MySpace, and brushing Wikipedia's problems off as "growing pains" showed a severe lack of research:

And a lot of people missed this, due to bad filing, but this was what started the Wikipedia Week, from the week before:

Ben Yates said...

Cool, thanks.

Ben Yates said...

I wish Cox would have provided links to his edits so we could actually evaluate them.

Ben Yates said...

Ah -- I've looked it up. Cox deleted large portions of the article without any explanation. (The sections were immediately replaced, of course, and he got into a revert war and was (briefly) banned.)