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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Alright, another entry in the wikihistory animation contest -- not a greasemonkey script, but a javascript extention that works in IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc: BetterHistory

The others have seen major revisions and bugfixes, so I'll list them all together. (All can animate page changes; I'll touch on some other features.)

  • Wikipedia Animate
    Greasemonkey. Fits nicely into the Wikipedia interface.

  • WikiDiff
    Greasemonkey. Slick interface.

  • Aniwiki
    Greasemonkey. Lots of features: a graphical timeline; data showing number of reverts, changes, contributing editors; highlighted changes in each animation frame; heavy customizability; etc. Runs a little slow on my (slow) mac mini.

  • BetterHistory
    Javascript. Works in any modern browser, including IE.

I've got the flu, so updates might be a bit infrequent this week.

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