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Friday, March 21, 2008

Wikipedia + iPhone + gps = OMG THE MATRIX

Geopedia is an iphone app.

The iPhone knows where you are, geographically speaking. So Geopedia knows where you are, too, and it uses that knowledge to pull up a batch of Wikipedia articles (they're geotagged) about stuff nearby.

It's not hard to see how cool this is -- it's sort of a merging of physical reality with a canonical description of that reality, creating a single giant thingamabob made of bits and atoms. Go to the statue of liberty, and there you'll find the Statue of Liberty article.

It's worth reiterating a comp. sci. professor's prediction for the year 2100:

This city is all about intensity of purpose and connections, and technology will only make it more efficient and more fluid. And in a city that is so multicultural, communication will be easier. A hundred years from now, you and I could be having a conversation in two languages and translation would be automatic. I could look at a newspaper written in any language and have the translation superimposed on my vision.

Being in the same room with people, looking in their eyes, touching them — this will still be important. But when people come together, there will be a lot more information at their fingertips and floating in the air between them.

On the other hand, it's easy to overdose on media -- drown in it -- and become a total spaz. You've got to get some peace once in awhile (that is, to unplug) in order to think. Unless we can figure out how to ignore distractions better, the always-on future might be as brain-numbing as TV.


brion said...

Nice... we're still waiting for Apple to let us (or anyone!) into the official developer program. Good to see the jailbreak folks are taking care of the unofficial ecosystem for now. ;)

PacoBell said...

I suppose the "ignoring distractions better" depends on how you grew up. I've been immersed in information ever since I was born, so having a mental filter comes as second nature to me these days. I mean, don't most of us already have an innate sense that some email is actually spam even before looking at the contents?

GPS Addict said...

Wiki, gps, smar phones, digi cams and many more....these things are moving so fast in market. No one can beat them I think. They are becoming our everyday needs.

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