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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Remember how I was trying to build that Wikipedia-themed digg/reddit clone where users could filter Wikipedia articles and the best ones would rise to the top?

That very thing now exists as Reddit Wikipedia! (I didn't code it myself, duh.) This is pretty fucking awesome, and I'm going to be copying all of the wikisnips there over the next few weeks.

Reddit's layout is confusing; here are some direct links (which will become more useful as time goes on).

The highest-ranked articles. (As always, cat-related content rises to the top.)

The most recently submitted articles.

The highest ranked articles submitted this month, this week, or today.


Milos Rancic said...

Ah, it was very evil from your side... After importing this feed into my reader yesterday, I clicked on the first article from the feed and I realized today that I didn't finish one recursion in reading Wikipedia articles :))) It seems that I'll remove all other scientific feeds from my reader...

Ben Yates said...

Haha, cool.