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Thursday, September 27, 2007

In trust coloring news, Erik Moeller says:

We have provided Luca with the kind of live feed that we normally only give to companies to do his research in real time, and right now he’s working to process a full dump of the English Wikipedia. I have suggested that we could then offer a MediaWiki “tab” that could show the articles with trust coloring overlay.

Initially this could be something that editors add by modifying their user JavaScript, like navigation popups and countless other tools. The trust coloring itself would run on Luca’s servers (but inside a MonoBook skin).

After my conversations with Jim Giles this was condensed into “incorporated into Wikipedia” in the New Scientist article, which is an error (we’re going to send a correction on Monday).

In other words (if you remember that minor brouhaha) the foundation seems to be doing everything just right -- they're in touch with the decentralized nature of the web, the idea of mashups, etc. Awesome.

Also, Kelly Martin is porting mediawiki to java. (Server-side java, presumably -- not the craptastic client-side stuff.)


Kelly Martin said...

The main focus of the port is to generate a server-side web application, yes; I've commented in more detail in my most recent blog post. However, there is the possibility of writing a client-side application; once I get a decent pure Java MediaWiki parser, it would be possible to leverage that to create a Java-based WYSIWIG wikimarkup editor. Now doesn't that sound fun?

Craig Wood said...
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