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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jimmy Wales: Today's NYTimes article "gets it exactly backwards".

I don't completely agree. The focus of the article was off -- protection and semiprotection are non-issues, and not particularly important policies -- see previous post -- but the main thrust, that the encyclopedia has a more established structure now, seems correct. It's just that that structure is still largely informal, even if it's effective. This angle was too complex to explain in a newspaper article, so they glossed over it.

(It's worth repeating that this structure is strongest in the most heavily trafficed areas of wikipedia and weaker in the more specialized areas (which, collectively, probably get 20 times the traffic of the popular areas because they cover so much more ground. I still agree with Wales's suggestion from a couple months ago that wikipedia's structure needs to be more local -- that administration should be divided into "regions" covering specific topics.)

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